The Chilling Murder of the Watts Family

August 13, 2018 was a quiet morning in Fredrick, Colorado – until the news came out that a pregnant mom and her two daughters were missing. Two days later the public found out that the father who was on tv pleading for his family’s safe return was in fact the one that killed them. Was this a tragic case of the father snapping, or did Chris Watts know what he was doing when he murdered his family? 

We did scream at God': How Shanann Watts' parents dealt with their pregnant  daughter, granddaughters' murders - ABC News
Shan’Ann, CeCe and Bella Watts

Christopher Watts agrees to pay $6 million to parents of Shanann Watts in  wrongful death lawsuit
Shan’Ann and the girls

What Is Chris Watts' Life in Prison Like? - A&E
Chris Watts Mugshot

Chris Watts' tender last act towards kids revealed before he slaughtered  them - Mirror Online
Oil tanks where the girls were found and where Shan’Ann’s body was buried.
Watts Family autopsy report.
All three hours of Chris Watts footage
Shan’Ann surprising Chris with the pregnancy

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