In 2006, a fake confession by a self-proclaimed serial killer would finally have people looking at the case of a 17-year-old who had been missing since May 2001. When police finally started looking into Alissa Turney’s disappearance, they noticed a lot of stuff about her home life that was unusual…including the behavior of her stepdad before and after she went missing. Did Alissa run away, or did something much more sinister happen?

Why Alissa Turney's life matters | News |
Alissa Turney

Searching for Alissa Turney: Missing girl's sister continues to ...Sarah Turney Creator of the Voices of Justice Podcast
The video of Alissa calling Mike a Pervert

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Sarah Turney tweeted that the the police are finally submitting Alissa’s case to the prosecutors office for charges against Michael Turney for Alissa’s disappearance.

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