At 3 am on November 13, 1974, six members of the DeFeo family were found shot in their beds. No drugs were found in their systems. The coroner said they hadn’t been moved from their beds. No silencer was used and the neighbors didn’t hear any gunshots.
Why did they not run? 
A year later, the Lutz family moved into their dream home where this massacre occurred only to report strange things that happened, causing them to flee in the middle of the night only 27 days after moving in. What were the events that led to this haunting that became one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s most famous cases?

Post-Script Notes & Commentary from Amber: I know that the curtain behind me moves a lot in this episode. I show later that my chair is nowhere near the curtain. Behind the curtain is an enclosed wood stove. The office I use is in the basement of the house. There is an upstairs GAS fireplace with a solid floor to it that is directly above the woodstove behind that curtain. Even on windy days, I don’t ever see that curtain move. I plan to go back and watch for it in other episodes but I’m thoroughly creeped out by the fact that the curtain was moving so much during this episode in particular.,to%20be%20under%20demonic%20attack.

Serial Killers: Up Close and Personal, Inside the World of Torturers, Psychopaths, and Mass Murderers – Christopher Berry-Dee

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