The West Memphis 3 – Part 2

On May 6th, 1993 three boys were found dead in the Devils Den area of Robin Hood Hills in West Memphis, Arkansas. Immediately the town cried cult activity and looked at three teenagers that stood out. However, new evidence that came to light exonerated the teens and have people now asking. If Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin didn’t kill Christoper, Michael, and Stevie…then who did?
Torn by 3 Lost Boys and 3 Convicted Youths - The New York Times
Jessie, Damien and Jason at the time of their arrest
Watch Investigating The 'West Memphis Three' Case | The Forgotten West  Memphis Three Season 1 - Episode 1 Video
Christopher Byers, Micheal Moore, Stevie Branch
The Crime Scene | thewm3revelations
Trail with the pipe bridge the boys probably took
Scenic Photos: Crime Scene Photos West Memphis 3 Case
Area where the boys were found

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