The Mysterious Death of Mitrice Richardson

September 17th, 2009 Mitrice Richardson was released from Lost Hills Sheriff Station and wandered off into the night, never to be seen again. When she was eventually found, a botched investigation cast doubt on the story that the LASD had told her family when she first disappeared. Was this a case of getting lost and dying or was something more sinister at play?
Six Years Later: Mitrice Richardson's Case Still Haunts Her Family and Los  Angeles – Capital Outlook
Mitrice, Latice, Larry and Mitrice’s little sister
Cold Case: Mitrice Richardson. Found murdered on August 9, 2010. | by  Ashley Kay | They Matter | Medium
Mitrice and Tessa
Map of where she was arrested, where Lost Hills Station is, and where Mitrice was found
Efforts to help solve Mitrice Richardson's death continue – Daily News
Mitrice’s father Michael

Credits for this episode:

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Wiki Article about the case
Talk Murder with Me Article about the need for social workers in cases like this
LA Mag Article on the case
OC Register article about remains being found
Wiki on Sheriff Lee Baca and his crimes

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