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Two moms who love wine and true crime! Join us, Amber and Alex, as every week we dive into some of the most perplexing mysteries.

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I’m Alex. I’m 28 years old and have two awesome kids. I’m originally from the pacific northwest but have called Colorado home for the past two years and will soon call Tennessee home. The idea for this podcast came to me at like 6 am on a Sunday and I knew there was no one else I would rather do it with then my bff. I love to drink wine, watch true crime docs, hang out with my kids and my friends and be outside. I do have two personal accounts you can follow me on @alexandria_rose_stowell on insta and @the_alexstowell on Twitter. I am super excited to share my true crime obsession with yall!


Amber is in her 30’s and living in the beautiful pacific northwest with her son and fiancé. Amber is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in marketing and has been working in marketing for a few years, both in nonprofits and for profit sectors. She also has a long history of graphic design and web design. She grew up watching sci fi and murder mysteries with her mom and police stories and “Unsolved Mysteries” with her dad. True Crime is something she found her way back to in her adult life, enjoying shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Cold Case Files.”

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We record our podcasts each week both in audio and video format. Our videos have extra features such as photos, video footage, and more. Check out our video about us.