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Murder in the Military: Part 1

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Murder in the Military: Part 1

In 2005, LaVena Johnson was murdered 8 weeks into her first deployment. The Army tried to rule it as a suicide but the proof said otherwise. 15 years later, another young soldier, Vanessa Guillen, was brutally murdered and the Army hasn’t treated it how it should. What did both of these women have in common? The fact that they were sexually assaulted/harassed and either already reported it or were in the process of reporting it. Part 1 of our season 2 finale talks about how the military closes ranks and refuses to take sexual assault in the military seriously.

LaVena Johnson
LaVena when she was found
Pin on AmericanMilitary
LaVena at her funeral
Vanessa Guillen's family turns to Congress for investigation
Vanessa Guillen
US Army investigation finds Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed - ABC News
Vanessa Guillen
Vanessa Guillen was bludgeoned to death with hammer by fellow soldier,  complaint claims | FOX 5 San Diego
Cecily Aguliar (Left) Vanessa (Middle) and Aaron Robinson (Right)
Aaron and Cecily killed Vanessa and disposed of her body
Vanessa’s Family at her memorial on FT Hood.

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