Delaware: Burying the Ghost of Mr. Chew

People used to make fun of him for his name. It was no surprise when he died in 1743 that he started haunting the local townspeople.

Connecticut’s Village Of The Damned

Somehow, it seems appropriate right now to discuss Connecticut – with the first signs of fall beginning to appear. Connecticut had a list of urban legends to pick from. Old graveyards, Gravity Hill, the Winsted Wildman, Hannah Cranna or “The Wicked Witch of Monroe,” and Downs Road, which used to connect Bethany to Hamden, is now …

Denver Airport Conspiracies

For this month’s addition to our urban legends series, we talk all about the Denver International Airport conspiracies! Casenotes, Credits, and More Fly DIA Website Travel and Leisure Article Wiki Page on the Airport

Arkansas: The Haunting of the Allen House

The Allen House in Montecillo, Arkansas It’s claimed to be the most haunted house in the state and based on evidence that was found by paranormal investigators, and every group that has gone through to research has found something – even just EVPs. In 1948, the middle daughter of Joe Allen, Ladell Allen Bonner, drank …

The Ghost Town of Jerome, AZ

Jerome sits on top of Cleopatra Hill between Prescott and Flagstaff Arizona and is nicknamed the wickedest town in the West. The United Verde Hospital was built in 1926, opening in January of 1927, and was shut down in 1950. In 1993 Larry Altherr purchased the old hospital and started operating it as the Jerome …

The Misfortune of La Llorona

This week, an urban legend came to our attention that has spanned history for many years across multiple countries and cultures – and circulates around what would be considered a true crime case today. Maria was a small town beauty that mourns the death of her children and walks the earth in the afterlife searching …

Whistles In The Darkness: Alaska’s Historic Anchorage Hotel

The Historical Anchorage Hotel is a rare gem in the wild wilderness of Alaska that embraces their paranormal guests that never check out. Ghost hunters both independent and professional have created videos that point to evidence of ghostly visitors – all possibly stemming from the mysterious murder of the city’s first Chief of Police,  John …

Alabama’s Witch of Hinds Road

In Gadsden, Hinds Road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who appears from the woods. The story tells of a witch who lived in the woods that surrounds the road. It says that if you’re brave enough to walk along the road at night, the ghost witch will rush up to you screaming she sold her soul to the devil.

Washington’s Lady Of The Lake

Continuing our State Legends Series, this week we focus on Lake Crescent’s Lady Of The Lake.
On July 6, 1940, the body of Hallie Illingworth was recovered by two fishermen on Lake Crescent. Her body had become the consistency of soap, preserving much of the evidence that showed she was murdered. The real mystery still remains: Was it accidental? A Crime of passion? Or had it been premeditated? Listen to the story and decide.

The Bell Witch of Tennessee

Welcome to another Supernatural Episode of True Crime and Chill. We are so excited to be introducing our new series of local lore from each of the United States. This week we are covering the Bell Witch of Tennessee. In 1804 John Bell Sr moved to Adams, Tennessee with his wife and children. They had …