What Really Happened to Robbie Crites?

This episode is going to talk about the murder of a boy that was swept under the rug, one town’s ploy to keep it hidden and one mother’s quest to find justice. Today we talk about the murder of Robbie Crites, who died on June 16, 2018. Robbie Crites Robbie’s mother Angie at his memorial …

The Riddle Of The Jeff Davis 8

The riddle of the Jeff Davis 8 baffles as it continues to remain unsolved. Eight murders of eight different women around 2005 to 2008. All of these murders took place in the bayous of Louisiana around Jennings and they’re all unsolved to this day. Interestingly enough, they’re all believed to be together in really random ways. Listen in and let us know who you think is responsible for the death of these 8 women.

What Happened to the Crawford Family?

On July 2nd, 1970, a car was found perched precariously on a cliff in Loch Ard Gorge in Port Campbell, Australia. What was found inside was the gruesome death of a mother and three children and questions that remain unanswered to this day. Why did Elmer Crawford kill his family? Credits for this Episode found …

Alabama’s Witch of Hinds Road

In Gadsden, Hinds Road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who appears from the woods. The story tells of a witch who lived in the woods that surrounds the road. It says that if you’re brave enough to walk along the road at night, the ghost witch will rush up to you screaming she sold her soul to the devil.