The Heinous Helter Skelter Case

On August 9, 1969, the headlines across the country mourned the loss of 26-year-old and 8 ½ months pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others at her estate at 10050 Cielo drive in Beverly Hills – Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, Abigail Folger, and Steven Parent. Dominick Dunne recalls that “The shock waves that went through the town were beyond anything I had ever seen before. People were convinced that the rich and famous of the community were in peril. Children were sent out of town. Guards were hired.”
This was only a tiny piece of the Helter Skelter plan that Charles Manson had formed based on the race war he believed was coming. 

Chillers, today we bring you the heinous helter skelter case.


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The Murder of Holly Bobo

April 13, 2011, Holly Bobo was a young nursing student that disappeared from her home in Darden, Tennessee. With a suspect saying “No body, no crime” it seemed impossible for law enforcement to nail him down……until Holly was found. 

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Holly Bobo
Holly Bobo's brother, who saw her being abducted, and parents recall day  she vanished - ABC News
Holly and her brother Clint
Holly Bobo suspect shot his mom in knee 10 years ago
Karen, Dana and Clint Bobo

Wiki Article on Hollys Case
Law and Crime Youtube Playlist on Holly’s Murder Trial (Viewer descresion advised)
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20/20 Justice For Holly Bobo
Whitney Duncan’s Video for Holly (Better Place)

Kristine Kupka’s Disappearance: What Does Rudy Know?

5 months pregnant Kristine Kupka left a phone message for her sister Kathy on October 24, 1998. In the call she said that she was going out with the father of her baby Darshanand Persaud – better known as Rudy – to help clean his new apartment and would be back later. She never called back. One of Kristine’s roommates alerted the Kupka family that Kristine never returned home.

When questioned, Rudy said that he picked Kristine up to take her to a nearby shopping mall. Rudy told the family members that he drove her to the shopping center, then waited in his car for her to return from shopping. Rudy claimed that he dropped Kristine off two blocks from her home between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., as she wanted to walk to a nearby health food store. When Kristine’s family asked him which shopping mall he had taken her to, he said he did not know and he had stayed in the car while she shopped.

Kristine has never been found.

If you have information about Kristine Kupka and/or Darshanand “Rudy” Persaud Please Contact
172 Fifth Avenue, Box 230
Brooklyn, NY 11217

or call:
Detective Delassandro: 718-834-4580
1-800 577-TIPS

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Kristine Kupka
Kristine Kupka
Kristine Kupka
Kristine and Kathy Kupka in 1993

Mini-Episode: What if Brian Laundrie DIDN’T Do It?

Just hear us out… WHAT IF HE DIDN’T DO IT?
Did he do it?
But anyone that knows us, knows Amber likes to play devil’s advocate.
So.If he DIDN’T do it… Who did?

Updates: We recorded this on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Since the recording, Duane “Dog” Chapman the Bounty Hunter has returned to Colorado and apparently resigned his search:
Also, the final results of Gabby Petito’s Autopsy have been revealed.
These outcomes do not change the nature of our video but we feel it’s important that it be said that we know these updates have been made since we recorded this mini-episode.

Did An 11 Year Old Really Murder Kenize Houk?

On February 20, 2009, Kenzie Houk was murdered in her home from a shotgun blast to the head. Her stepson Jordan was arrested for her murder shortly after, but would the evidence hold up? And if Jordan didn’t kill Kenzie…then who did? 

Photos, Credits, and Sources:

DA: Blanket is evidence Pa. boy planned to kill
Kenzie and her two daghters
Jordan Brown Case, Five Years Later: Father convinced beyond a doubt of  son's innocence | National Sports |
Jordan and Chris
What happened after an 11-year-old boy was accused of murdering his  pregnant soon-to-be stepmom - ABC News
Brown’s Farmhouse

NBC News article
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Wiki Article on Jordan Brown
Post Gazette Article

Delaware: Burying the Ghost of Mr. Chew

People used to make fun of him for his name. Can you Imagine being tormented for your name every day? You walk down the street, and people mimic a sneeze or pretend to chew on something. It was no surprise when Chief Justice Samuel Chew died in 1743 that he started haunting the local townspeople. Then, what they did to quiet his ghost was unexpected.

Correction Note: Mr. Chew was NOT a Doctor. I (Amber) called him a doctor repeatedly throughout the recording without any explanation. It wasn’t written in the script as a doctor, nor did any of the research yield he was a doctor.

The Unsolved Double Homicide of Elizabeth and Lyric

In 2012, the quiet small town of Evansdale, Iowa became the site of a gut-wrenching double homicide. In July of that year, cousins Elizabeth Collins (8) and Lyric Cook-Morrisey (10) were out for a summer bike ride but didn’t return home. 5 months later their bodies were found more than 20 miles away from where they were last seen. Now, almost 10 years later, someone has yet to pay for this horrendous crime. Someone somewhere has the answer – but maybe they just don’t know it, yet.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Evansdale Police Department at 319-232-6682 or the Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at 855-300-8477.

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Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Lyric Cook
Lyric Cook-Morrisey
New $50K Reward for Information
Ecto-2: five cars for the female Ghostbusters
Style of a vehicle described by witnesses

Connecticut’s Village Of The Damned

Somehow, it seems appropriate right now to discuss Connecticut – with the first signs of fall beginning to appear. Connecticut had a list of urban legends to pick from. Old graveyards, Gravity Hill, the Winsted Wildman, Hannah Cranna or “The Wicked Witch of Monroe,” and Downs Road, which used to connect Bethany to Hamden, is now just an unpaved gated road in the woods.

None of these quite seemed to stand out to me the same way Dudleytown did – the supposed village of the damned. In this episode, I’ll lay out the facts and you can make up your mind yourself.

Photos, Credits, & Sources:,_Connecticut,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester,%20III,%20Allen%20G.%20-TMY.PDF

Was it Enough Justice For Michele Leann Morgan?

In 1995, George Morgan was working on his 45-year sentence for a series of crimes including rape in Jefferson City, Missouri. He decided to research his family’s history and genealogy and requested a copy of his little sister’s death certificate. Michele died on August 10, 1961, at just 4 years old. The cause of death was listed as viral pneumonia and also had a date of January 29, 1976. George knew this to be untrue as he remembered the events of the evening of August 9, 1961, and decided to write to the funeral home to let them know that the certificate was incorrect.

In his August 21st letter, he says that the findings were incorrect. He said that when he was 8 1/2 years old, his sister was murdered and he watched it happen.

Child abuse is real and although child abuse may not always lead to serious physical injury, it often results in serious emotional harm and may have long-lasting effects. If a child tells you that he or she has been abused, one of the most important things you can do is stay calm and call 911 or the ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline where Crisis counselors are available to talk 24 hours/day.
1-800-4-A-CHILD or 1-800-422-4453

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