In the early hours of April 16, 2016, Missy Bevers, a 45-year-old mother of three, was at the church that morning to lead a fitness class. She died of puncture wounds to her head and chest, officials said. There are still no answers one year after Missy Bevers’s murder. Missy’s murderer remains unidentified but believes it will be cracked by an outside source.

Missy Bevers in her backyard, taken by her daughter. Spring 2015.
Surveillance Video from Creekside Church of Christ. The LE believe this is who murdered Missy Bevers.
17 different camera angles. Entered at 1:58am. Exited at 2:04am.

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  1. The person dressed in SWAT gear looks like a woman to me. Her gait, height makes me think the killer is someone who’s jealous of Missy, or the wife of someone Missy might have messed with.

    1. That’s exactly what I immediately noticed when I first watched this video. I was watching with the sound turned down and just happened to glance up to see what I just assumed to be a heavy set woman in security gear traipsing up and down the hallway of some type of public building and didn’t find out until I re-watched it with the sound on that this was not necessarily the default opinion. It’s my understanding that this case has not yet been solved and I really wonder if law enforcement has considered this possibility. I hope so, as it seems confirming that this person is female would narrow the scope quite bit.

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