In the second part of our season finale, Amber and Alex tell the stories of Tina Priest and Kamisha Block – two more mysterious deaths that appear to have coverups. Tina Priest, a 5-foot-tall petite 20-year-old Army Private, First Class, accused a fellow soldier of sexually assaulting her. Two weeks after reporting, Tina Priest was found dead in her room from an M-16 gunshot wound to her chest. The army ruled it as suicide – saying she shot herself using her toe.
Kamisha Block’s family was told that Kamisha was killed by friendly fire – a single gunshot wound to her chest in Iraq. When the casket arrived, the family discovered Kamisha was shot 5 times including once in the head.

Hear their stories and decide for yourself – why are there so many deaths (not just these) that are being swept under the rug?

American Female Soldiers Raped
TIna Priest from

Tina Priest Obituary

Army reopens case of 2007 murder-suicide that was originally called  'friendly fire' - U.S. - Stripes
Kamisha Block from

Kamisha’s Obituary

Kamisha’s Sister’s TikTok:

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Murder In The Military Podcast

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