In Gadsden, Hinds Road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who appears from the woods. The story tells of a witch who lived in the woods that surrounds the road. It says that if you’re brave enough to walk along the road at night, the ghost witch will rush up to you screaming she sold her soul to the devil.

The Hellhound of Hinds Road – Werewolves
The Hellhound of Hinds Road – Werewolves
The cave – screenshot from Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal:
Hinds Rd, Gadsden, AL 35904 -®
Hinds Road via & Google Earth

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  1. Thank you for defending real witches, who DO NOT leave garbage around in nature (and also DO NOT sacrifice animals or people in their practice).
    We also don’t have sex with Satan, eat children, or weave black hexes on our jealous exes. Because reasons.

    1. I have MANY friends who practice and all of them are very loving with nature and know where they stand in it. So while the old witch stories are obviously good for ghost stories, its good to make sure we show the real side of them.

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