The Allen House in Montecillo, Arkansas It’s claimed to be the most haunted house in the state and based on evidence that was found by paranormal investigators, and every group that has gone through to research has found something – even just EVPs.
In 1948, the middle daughter of Joe Allen, Ladell Allen Bonner, drank mercury cyanide at her mother’s Christmas Party and died a week later. It wasn’t until the current owners uncovered some letters in the attic under the floorboards in 2009 that the secrets were finally revealed.
Paranormal investigators continue to research the ongoings at the Allen house. Some of the findings, sightings, and recordings appear to be residual – but many of them appear to be full and complete hauntings full of awareness and consciousness. Have you ever been there and had an experience? Would you go there, knowing you probably would? Would you knowingly continue to live there, being aware that you aren’t the only residents?

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The Allen House: The most haunted house in America?! |
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 LaDell <I>Allen</I> Bonner
Ladell Allen Bonner from

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