Welcome to another Supernatural Episode of True Crime and Chill. We are so excited to be introducing our new series of local lore from each of the United States. This week we are covering the Bell Witch of Tennessee.

In 1804 John Bell Sr moved to Adams, Tennessee with his wife and children. They had relocated from North Carolina and while there, John and his family joined a church that John actually became a deacon at. Their life was by all accounts really good and they ended up prospering in Tennessee. The Bell children were growing up really well, the family made a really good name for themselves. However, in 1817, their life changed forever when a witch began to terrorize John and his daughter, Betsy. Strange sounds, sheets being pulled off beds in the middle of the night, scratches and bruises, and a disembodied voice threatening John’s life are only a part of this strange tale.

Photos, Credits, and Sources:

A Spooky Tale from the Archives | Albert Gore Research Center
Illustration of Betsy Bell


This Witch Cave In Tennessee Is So Spooky, You Have To Sign A Waiver Before  Entering
Bell Witch Cave and notice

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Bell Witch Wiki
Bell Witch Cave Website
Website for the Bell Witch Haunting

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  1. I loved this one. I was out in the barn cleaning stalls by myself when I listened to it. A couple of times I had to look behind me and shine my flashlight out in the woods. It gave me the creeps. LOL

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