The Infamous Black Dahlia Murder

On January 15th, 1947 a body was found in Leimert Park, California. The body was later identified as aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. The events leading up to her discovery and the reason why she was killed remains a mystery and is still one of the most prolific killings in history. She always said she wanted to be famous….now she’s infamous.

Black Dahlia - Wikipedia

Elizabeth Short
Nearly 70 years after her murder, here are the things we still don't know  about Black Dahlia - New York Daily News
Elizabeth after she was found
I know who killed the Black Dahlia: my own father | US crime | The Guardian
George Hodel
The Black Dahlia: Los Angeles' most famous unsolved murder - BBC News
Elizabeth and her former fiancé
Becoming the Black Dahlia – The Black Dahlia
Photo of Elizabeth after she was fond and cleaned up to identify
Elizabeth’s Mug Shot from her arrest for underage drinking
The letter and items sent to the Los Angeles Examiner from the killer
Another letter from the killer
A mysterious letter found among clothing at the beach. Ed Burns has only been identified and described by the author of The Black Dahlia Solution. However, the author claims to have been investigating the case for years and believes to have deciphered the cryptic letters received by The Examiner and The Herald-Express. The author also describes how the LAPD was only able to identify Ed Burns in the photograph with Elizabeth after the officers identified him from his suicide. The author claims that the LAPD would not have come out to say a dead man was the Black Dahlia killer when the case was so convoluted and infamous, as it could be considered “bad policing” and ruin the LAPD’s reputation. This possibility of police cover-up was addressed in the 1949 Grand Jury Report.
Elizabeth’s gravestone at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Short’s Funeral Service


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