The Dark Water Death of Natalie Wood

The weekend following Thanksgiving 1981, tragedy struck the front pages in LA County as they announced the sad drowning of actress Natalie Wood. Natalie was a Star of such films as the original Miracle on 34th street, Rebel Without A Cause, and Westside Story. There were three other people aboard the boat that weekend: Natalie’s husband Robert Wagner, Natalie’s friend and co-star Christopher Walken, and the yacht captain Dennis Davern. The stories are varied and have changed over the years. Who isn’t telling the whole story? Let’s present the evidence and you can make up your own mind.

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Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood
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Dennis Davern

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  1. I think you both might find the updated Natalie Wood biography by Suzanne Finstad to be very interesting. The author makes a very strong case for suspicious death.

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