Murder or Suicide? The Mystery of the 8 Day Bride

In May of 1947, when Ronald Barrie’s cabin caught fire in Severn Falls, Ontario, with newly-married John Kettlewell inside, Ronald pulled him from the quickly burning building to find John with a head wound and drugs in his system. Questions were raised. Especially when John’s 8-day bride was found drowned 150 feet away in only 9 inches of water. Some people believe that the crimes happened because of a “strange accident.” Others think it may have been a planned event. No one knows what really went down, but there are many theories as to why these things might have occurred. Some say they were committed in the name of insane passion while others argue premeditated fraud was behind them all. Listen to this week’s episode and decide for yourself.

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What happened to Toronto's 'Eight-day bride'? | The Star
Christina and Jack Kettlewell from
What happened to Toronto's 'Eight-day bride'? | The Star
Signing Autographs at the inquest. From

If I die, it may not be an accident: The Powell Family

Susan Powell’s disappearance garnered national media attention. She disappeared without a trace in 2009 and her husband Joshua was named as a possible suspect but never able to be charged for the crime. Susan remains missing and is presumed dead after the reports her sons gave about the night the family went camping in a blizzard but returned without their mother. Add her father-in-law’s sexual infatuation with her and this case has yet to give any clear clues as to the real who or why. In 2012, Joshua killed himself and their two young sons Charles and Braden in a planned and deliberate explosion.

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Blood and letter from Josh Powell's wife found, expresses fear about her  husband - New York Daily News
The Powell Family
Susan’s Will from the Safety Deposit Box
the object that Josh Powell Burned

Denver Airport Conspiracies

For this month’s addition to our urban legends series, we talk all about the Denver International Airport conspiracies!

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Denver Airport conspiracy theories - RationalWiki
Denver Runway Pattern
At the Denver Airport, Art Fuels Conspiracy Theorists
mural in DIA
In Peace and Harmony with Nature | Denver International Airport
Mural in DIA
Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories
Dedication Stone
DEN Files | Denver International Airport
Construction Banners
Denver International Airport Construction (And Funny Conspiracy Signs) –  CBS Denver

Fly DIA Website
Travel and Leisure Article
Wiki Page on the Airport

Wanted: Bradford Bishop

On March 1st, 1976, William Bradford Bishop vanished into thin air after murdering his wife, three kids, and mother. Now he is wanted by the FBI but has yet to be found.

Kathy Gillcrist Discovers Dad William Bradford Bishop Jr. On FBI's Most  Wanted List | Crime News
Bishop and the age-progressed bust of him
The Man Who Got Away
Annette, William Bradford the 3rd, Brenton and Geoffery
Woman discovers biological father on FBI Most Wanted list after DNA test
William and his Daughter Kathy


Bradford Bishop Wiki Page
Trace Evidence Podcast on the Case
Bethesda Magazine Article on case
Bethesda Magazine Article on Kathy’s discovery
FBI Most Wanted page on Bradford.
NY Times article on Kathy’s discovery

The Very Real Crimes of the Titanic

The Titanic is one of the most famous ships that ever sank in recorded history. It was also the biggest and most expensive liner built in its time. Its building took two years, and over three thousand people had to work all day and night to finish it on time for its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912, from Southampton to New York City.

The Titanic sank during her maiden voyage in 1912 after hitting an iceberg which caused its hull to open up and cause water to rush inside until the titanic finally disappeared forever into the Atlantic Ocean. We all know about how terrible the Titanic disaster was, but what many don’t know about is how many crimes and injustices were made to get it to that point in the first place. Not only that, but the sheer amount of coincidences that led to the final disaster is uncanny. The Titanic’s terrible sinking cost over 1500 people their lives. To this day, the Titanic is considered one of history’s worst man-made disasters.

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The Monstrous List Family Murders

In December of 1971, the bodies of the List Family were found shot to death in their home in the suburbs of New Jersey. However, the man responsible wouldn’t be found for over 18 years.

John List Killed His Family In Cold Blood, Then Disappeared For 18 Years
John List and his family
Was John List the nastiest mass murderer of all time? – Film Daily
List Children
31: The List Family Murders - Square Mile of Murder
John List and the Bust that was made
Westfield 'Watcher' conjures haunting memories of John List murders -
Breeze Knoll

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Haunted California

The state of California is home to many haunted places. From the Queen Mary to Disneyland, and the Winchester Mystery House – there are plenty of opportunities for a ghost-filled vacation in the Golden State. In this episode, we will provide you with stories about some of California’s most famous hauntings!

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Queen Mary
Fireworks by the Queen Mary
Fireworks by the Queen Mary

The waltzing ghosts inside of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.
The waltzing ghosts inside of Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House: Dare you uncover its secrets? | CNN Travel
Journey Through - Winchester Mystery House
Why does the Winchester Mystery House have stairs leading nowhere? |  HowStuffWorks
Hearst Castle
Amber’s Home Movies from Hearst Castle in August 1991
Hearst Castle - A Museum Like No Other - California Beaches
Hearst Castle: Take a trip to the majestic California state park
Hearst Castle in San Simeon CA may stay closed through summer | San Luis  Obispo Tribune

Murder In The Military: Part 2

In the second part of our season finale, Amber and Alex tell the stories of Tina Priest and Kamisha Block – two more mysterious deaths that appear to have coverups. Tina Priest, a 5-foot-tall petite 20-year-old Army Private, First Class, accused a fellow soldier of sexually assaulting her. Two weeks after reporting, Tina Priest was found dead in her room from an M-16 gunshot wound to her chest. The army ruled it as suicide – saying she shot herself using her toe.
Kamisha Block’s family was told that Kamisha was killed by friendly fire – a single gunshot wound to her chest in Iraq. When the casket arrived, the family discovered Kamisha was shot 5 times including once in the head.

Hear their stories and decide for yourself – why are there so many deaths (not just these) that are being swept under the rug?

American Female Soldiers Raped
TIna Priest from

Tina Priest Obituary

Army reopens case of 2007 murder-suicide that was originally called  'friendly fire' - U.S. - Stripes
Kamisha Block from

Kamisha’s Obituary

Kamisha’s Sister’s TikTok:

Sources and Credits:
Murder In The Military Podcast

Murder in the Military: Part 1

In 2005, LaVena Johnson was murdered 8 weeks into her first deployment. The Army tried to rule it as a suicide but the proof said otherwise. 15 years later, another young soldier, Vanessa Guillen, was brutally murdered and the Army hasn’t treated it how it should. What did both of these women have in common? The fact that they were sexually assaulted/harassed and either already reported it or were in the process of reporting it. Part 1 of our season 2 finale talks about how the military closes ranks and refuses to take sexual assault in the military seriously.

LaVena Johnson
LaVena when she was found
Pin on AmericanMilitary
LaVena at her funeral
Vanessa Guillen's family turns to Congress for investigation
Vanessa Guillen
US Army investigation finds Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed - ABC News
Vanessa Guillen
Vanessa Guillen was bludgeoned to death with hammer by fellow soldier,  complaint claims | FOX 5 San Diego
Cecily Aguliar (Left) Vanessa (Middle) and Aaron Robinson (Right)
Aaron and Cecily killed Vanessa and disposed of her body
Vanessa’s Family at her memorial on FT Hood.

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The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

In June of 1977, three girls were brutally assaulted and murdered at Camp Scott, a Girl Scout Camp located in Oklahoma. Even though they have found the killer and the case seemed to be closed, some feel that the girls never received true justice when Gene Hart died.

Murderific True Crime Podcast on Twitter: "The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders  is an unsolved murder case that occurred on the morning of June 13, 1977,  at Camp Scott in Mayes County, Oklahoma, United
Michele, Lori, Denise
The newspaper clipping remembering Michele
Remembering Lori
Remembering Denise
Map of Kiowa Camp and Body placement
Map of whole camp
Map of Kiowa camp
The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders - Welcome to
Gene Hart being arrested

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