In May of 1947, when Ronald Barrie’s cabin caught fire in Severn Falls, Ontario, with newly-married John Kettlewell inside, Ronald pulled him from the quickly burning building to find John with a head wound and drugs in his system. Questions were raised. Especially when John’s 8-day bride was found drowned 150 feet away in only 9 inches of water. Some people believe that the crimes happened because of a “strange accident.” Others think it may have been a planned event. No one knows what really went down, but there are many theories as to why these things might have occurred. Some say they were committed in the name of insane passion while others argue premeditated fraud was behind them all. Listen to this week’s episode and decide for yourself.

Photos, Credits, and Sources:

What happened to Toronto's 'Eight-day bride'? | The Star
Christina and Jack Kettlewell from
What happened to Toronto's 'Eight-day bride'? | The Star
Signing Autographs at the inquest. From

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