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The Disturbing Cold Case of Sarah Saganitso

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The Disturbing Cold Case of Sarah Saganitso

June of 1987, Sara Saganitso was a housekeeper at the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. She was 40 years old and a member of the Navajo tribe. She was working her first late shift. The next morning, her family became worried when she didn’t come home. They went to the medical center, and that’s when they found the body of a woman behind the medical center. Her face was so bruised, she was almost unrecognizable, but they knew that it was Sarah.
Her torso had numerous stab wounds, and her left breast appeared to have been bitten off.
The only evidence was a broken stick oddly left on her neck, as well as a clump of grass from a graveyard in the distance found near her car. Who or what would’ve done such a thing?

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