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Connecticut’s Village Of The Damned

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Connecticut’s Village Of The Damned

Somehow, it seems appropriate right now to discuss Connecticut – with the first signs of fall beginning to appear. Connecticut had a list of urban legends to pick from. Old graveyards, Gravity Hill, the Winsted Wildman, Hannah Cranna or “The Wicked Witch of Monroe,” and Downs Road, which used to connect Bethany to Hamden, is now just an unpaved gated road in the woods.

None of these quite seemed to stand out to me the same way Dudleytown did – the supposed village of the damned. In this episode, I’ll lay out the facts and you can make up your mind yourself.

Photos, Credits, & Sources:,_Connecticut,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester,%20III,%20Allen%20G.%20-TMY.PDF

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