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Was it Enough Justice For Michele Leann Morgan?

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Was it Enough Justice For Michele Leann Morgan?

In 1995, George Morgan was working on his 45-year sentence for a series of crimes including rape in Jefferson City, Missouri. He decided to research his family’s history and genealogy and requested a copy of his little sister’s death certificate. Michele died on August 10, 1961, at just 4 years old. The cause of death was listed as viral pneumonia and also had a date of January 29, 1976. George knew this to be untrue as he remembered the events of the evening of August 9, 1961, and decided to write to the funeral home to let them know that the certificate was incorrect.

In his August 21st letter, he says that the findings were incorrect. He said that when he was 8 1/2 years old, his sister was murdered and he watched it happen.

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